Server is over Quota and my link will be stored unles I cough up $1 REALLY??!!

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09 Sep, 2011 01:39 AM

I am getting a message that the server is over quota and my link will be stored until tomorrow unless I want to pay $1 ? What good is the link going to do me tomorrow and if the server really is over quota why will;l $1 free it up? Is this a new fee or something? If it is this app is dead to me and I'm sure many others. If this isn't a bug then it down right wrong to hold my link hostage for $$

  1. 1 Posted by Tino Galizio on 09 Sep, 2011 03:12 AM

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    Hi there,

    My name is Tino and I am the Project Manager at Second Bit. I'm sorry you take issue with our new policy, but if you read the 2Cloud blog, you'd know this was planned for quite some time and you would know the reasons why (Seen here: ). We published our financial data for the duration of 2Cloud's active run (Seen here: ) and it clearly shows that we have been running in the red (meaning we have paid out of pocket for the server that you and other users have utilized) for quite some time. The company is only going to let the service be free as long as we have free server usage provided by Google. When that free usage is used up, the server hits quota and gets turned off except for those who choose donate. If you choose not to donate, the links get sent on the free quota usage for the next day. You still get the service, you just need to wait if you are unwilling to contribute.

    This system is very fair and it was arrived at after long bouts of deliberation on how to continue providing service to our users without bankrupting our company. We have done everything we can to continue to provide all the service we can afford. We've struggled financially, spending hundreds of dollars to keep the server going, and came up with this viable and cooperative strategy for our company and our users. We have worked very hard to continue to provide you service and frankly, sir, your tone is rude and insulting. We've made every reasonable attempt to let you know what we were planning and why it was necessary if the service was to continue. My partner and I simply cannot afford to keep spending our own money to provide free services, especially not to users who are not invested enough to keep up with our endeavors or who stubbornly refuse to participate in what was meant to be a cooperative effort. Your hand is not being forced, and if one dollar is too much to pay so that we can keep the servers running, then that is your choice to make. But if you do choose to donate, that money will be used to stave off future quotas and to reimburse outstanding server usage debts. The more people donate, the more money there will be to pay for server usage above the free amounts Google provides. We want to work together with users to keep this service going. It is not a money grab; we are simply trying to pay for the usage costs that users are incurring. So you can take your unwarranted and hurtful accusations elsewhere and stop wasting my time. This is an Open Source Project and the users need to vote with their wallets if they want that service to continue. They must contribute somehow because we can’t do all the coding AND pay all the bills without some help.

  2. Support Staff 2 Posted by Paddy Foran on 09 Sep, 2011 05:08 AM

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    I'm going to try to keep this short, unlike my partner. This is not a bug, it is a feature. Yes, it is intentional. The server is over the quota that we can afford to pay to keep it online. We've built, at no small effort on our part, a system that allows you to keep using the server past the quota that we can afford, if you pick up the extra cost yourself.

    I'm sorry you feel that your link is useless a couple hours from now, as opposed to right now. Perhaps that doesn't work with your use case; if so, I'm sorry we don't have more accommodation for you. Some people, however, send links to themselves as a way of keeping track of things they'd like to read or watch or comment on while travelling, commuting, or away from their computer. To those people, waiting a couple of hours for their link is a perfectly acceptable situation. That is why we store the link, even though it costs us money over our quota to do so.

    This is a new fee. I've written about it extensively, but something tells me you aren't going to read long posts about it. In short, we've been running this project at a loss and we can only sustain it at a loss for so long. We either needed to find a way to stem the bleeding of funds or we'd have to limit ourselves to App Engine's free quota, which would not be nearly enough for the amount of usage we're seeing. In essence, the app would stop functioning with no recourse available for users. We chose to work to give you recourse.

    I'm sorry the app is dead to you. I assure you it is not dead to many others, based on the statistics we're seeing. In fact, you're the only person who has contacted us to complain about this. I'm sorry you feel we're holding your links hostage; as a special favour, I'm willing to manually extract and email you every single link that has not been opened on your computer yet, then delete you from our server. Your data is not our hostage, it is yours.

    I'm sorry you feel that it is downright wrong to try to make an application support itself. I'm sorry you feel that the countless hours I've worked on this, thousands of lines of codes I've written for it, hundreds of support requests I answer for it, and the $500 deficit we've taken on to provide it are not worth a dollar once or twice a month. I really am sorry about that, because people like you are making it difficult for me to want to continue developing this application, to continue to sink my time into a project that is actively costing me money, let alone not rewarding me for my work.

    If you feel so strongly about our server management practices, I suggest setting up your own server. We are open source software and I've taken great pains to ensure that you can easily switch to use whatever host you'd like to use. Unfortunately, I do not ask myself or the team that works on this to work with people who mistreat them; therefore, based on the interaction we've seen today, you'll not be receiving any support in setting up your own server. It is your right to get upset and complain; it is our right to not bend over backwards to support you after you tell us in no uncertain terms you find our work to be of no value, and the fact that we would ask you to acknowledge its value an affront to basic ethics.

    If you would like to set up your own server, there are instructions at I wish you all the luck in the world. Or I would, if you had read this far; I suspect that, like the other couple of users who have chosen to unfairly malign us and paint our best efforts to be selfless with the community as "malicous", we will never hear from you again and you have not even bothered reading this far. If I'm wrong, I'm the happier for it, because that means there's one less troll in the world than I assumed.

    Paddy Foran
    2cloud Lead Developer

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  5. 3 Posted by billpier314 on 09 Sep, 2011 09:52 AM

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    You call those short? lol Well I think $1 per link is outrageous and so is the lie about the server being Over Quota, its being held by you plan and simple in the hopes we give you money. Sorry I didn't hang out on your blog and read your financial records but its not something I generally do for the apps on my phone. I do read the Market and I don't recall anything about holding my link hostage for $$ . Good luck your going to need it. uninstall time

    After reading the two of your "short" replies I would suggest that you do stop developing since you seem to have NO customer support skills or any idea on how to make money . In short your response was rude and condescending. I will now withdraw my "good luck" commit and hope you die off fast!

  6. Support Staff 4 Posted by Paddy Foran on 09 Sep, 2011 11:30 AM

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    I think your reading comprehension skills have failed you. Where did anyone say $1 per link? It's a dollar a day... when we're over quota. Which has happened twice in over a month. $2/month for an app isn't that outrageous. As for a 'lie' about being over quota... I think you have some sort of skewed definition of quota. I'm not sure how we could be lying about something we set.

    You weren't curious when you granted the application's BILLING permission request?

    We're going to miss you. Thank you for being a valuable member of our community in your short time with us.

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  9. 5 Posted by billpier314 on 09 Sep, 2011 01:20 PM

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    Well I think your writing skills have failed you. The message that pops on the phone says $1 to get around the quota It does not say this is for a day so I, and I'm sure others will, assume its $1 per link.

    The app never ask me for billing rights that I recall and I've have it for some time so perhaps its a new thing. And again where is it stated on the Market what the pricing is? and since you set the Quota its YOU that is holding the link by your own set Quota duh!

    Again your Customer Service skills have failed you . So long, I'm sure you will be gone soon also with that attitude .

  10. Support Staff 6 Posted by Paddy Foran on 09 Sep, 2011 01:28 PM

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    Thanks for all the fish.

  11. 7 Posted by billpier314 on 09 Sep, 2011 01:40 PM

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    You are seriously fucked up, what a bunch retard you guys are. Stick to coding and hire someone that knows business and customer support and you may last a year. Fish??? Whatever that's supposed to mean.

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